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In collaboration with Greenport's First and South Bar & Restaurant and Floyd Memorial Library, MORE GOOD is excited to announce A Postcard Project.


One small act of kindness. It can change someone’s life. And you can be the catalyst for that change.


Think of some type of random GOOD you can do. Perhaps you can buy a coffee for the person behind you or donate to a local charity. Drop off flowers to your neighbor. Call a family member you haven’t heard from in a while. Anything you think might make someone else’s day. 


Then, write down what you did, the city and state you are from, and mail it to me on a postcard. You don’t have to sign your name if you don’t want to! Instead you could write the name of the person who you did the kind act in honor of...If you have a loved one who always inspired YOU to do good, I hope you share them with us! 


You can mail your postcard to:



PO Box 455

Orient, NY 11957


OR: save the stamp and drop off your postcard at Floyd Memorial Library!


*Teachers - reach out to to discuss classroom activity ideas to get students involved too if you are interested! 


All postcards will be displayed starting December 14 at Floyd Memorial Library, in honor of the day MORE GOOD was born.




To celebrate all of the GOOD done, SAVE THE DATE FOR A SPECIAL MORE GOOD PARTY at First and South Restaurant on December 22, 2022. Postcards will be on display and proceeds from the party will go towards student scholarships at Greenport and Southold High School. A perfect kickoff party to a More Good Year! 




Latham's story:


On December 14, 2012, a man walked into a coffee shop in Midtown, Manhattan and bought a few gift cards for employees. At the end of his transaction he asked the barista for one more gift card. He placed $100 on it and asked her to run it out on the line of people behind him. I had a friend in that line who received one of the free coffees. A friend whose day was made because of this simple act of kindness. I spoke to my mother about it and she reminded me that there would “always be more good out there if we looked for it.” 


A few weeks later, my mother died. This loss launched the MORE GOOD mission.


A mission that took me to all 50 states in and out of 154 stranger’s homes to collect hundreds of stories of acts of kindness. Stories that I am now compiling into a book.


I was not sponsored. The entire journey succeeded solely on the kindness of strangers I met along the way and my community back home who donated to my gas tank. I drove 43,000 miles. It took me 3 years to complete. 


ALL BECAUSE OF the man that walked into that coffee shop. Because his kindness inspired the conversation with my mom and my mom inspired me to always look for the good.


I think we could all use a little extra kindness right now.


This year, I invite you to be part of that kindness. 


844 958 4397

PO BOX 455 ORIENT NY 11957

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