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Over the last few years I have found myself in front of elementary and high school students, Rotary clubs, churches, and other small groups to share the story of More Good. Explaining how I relied on strangers to host me as I made my way 43,000 miles across the United States, I share some of the biggest lessons I learned on the road. This was not your average road trip. One host summed it up fittingly, saying, "You're not really seeing the cities or landmarks or finding the best food...are you? You're just meeting the people. It's kind of're a tourist of humanity." 


I would love to come and share some of the hopeful stories I found across the country with you at your next event, your meeting, in your classroom, or over a Zoom meet. My presentations aim to uplift those listening, to inspire them to seek out ways to provide hope and kindness to others, to do More Good. Please reach out if you'd like to hear more or have any questions.

"I had the chance to spend some time with Mary. She is as authentic as it gets, and her mission is as real as it gets. Few public relations programs sketched out in an agency conference room could come close to the difference Mary has already made on a shoestring budget."  

- Tim O'Brien, MuckRack

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